Can You Get Private Lessons in Basic English In Miami?

My family and I have just recently moved to Miami from Brazil and we desperately wanted to learn English. The children are learning the language in school and as they are so young, they seem to be picking it up very quickly.  My wife and I are not so lucky.

We were trying to find private lessons in Basic English. Some method to get us started on our course of learning without having to show our deficiency before others.  We do live in a very Latino area, but if we plan to make our home here in the United States then we eventually want to become citizens, and for that, we must learn the English language.


We discovered that with the large number of Spanish speaking people moving into the Miami area, there are a large number of English private lessons in Miami.  We found it was then necessary to find a private teacher who we really clicked with; someone who understood our situation, and was willing to work with us over the long run.  Our teacher is extremely friendly, a native of Florida who speaks fluent Spanish and is a native English speaker.  That is vitally important.  You want someone who learned to speak American English from the cradle.


English is such a difficult language to learn, there are so few rules and the spelling and grammar often do not make sense to people who speak Spanish or Italian.  Our teacher is very patient, and she is available to work with us on our schedule.  This is vital to us, as we are having to move our entire business enterprise from Brazil to the United States and it takes a great deal of time and travel to accomplish even the smallest of tasks.

We have begun speaking some English at home with our children every day, so that we can build up our knowledge and our confidence.  It is hard having the children laughing at our mistakes, but my wife and I know that with our private lessons in Basic English, and our determination to succeed we will eventually be able to speak at least enough to have a simple conversation with non-Latino people.  Therefore, the answer to the question posed upfront, is yes you can find private lessons in Basic English in Miami, and they are extremely prevalent.


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